Open Sourcing Our Exporter

Deyan Ginev and the Authorea Team

A common workflow in submitting scientific work to a peer-reviewed venue, such as a journal or conference, is to adhere to specially provided submission guidelines. To many this story is painfully familiar: your document must satisfy a long enumeration of requirements, including an official citation style, font face, margin and font sizes, single- or multi-column, frontmatter arrangements, … The list goes on.

The work on styling a finished document alone is known to take anywhere from a day to a week, irrespective of which tool you used - Word and LaTeX users alike had to sweat it out. What makes this situation a nightmare rather than an annoyance, however, is that more often than not a manuscript is rejected and needs to be resubmitted to a different venue, where this tedious procedure needs to be repeated from scratch. And that process can repeat for several iterations. As academics are urged to publish their work as quickly and often as possible, this type of friction accumulates.

Write once, publish anywhere

At Authorea we think the friction of publisher-grade formatting has outlived its purpose and it is time to move forward. Our solution is to offer a single, streamlined editing experience that puts the focus on content, and hides all advanced typesetting details.

Once a manuscript is complete, Authorea’s exporter feature allows it to be formatted in hundreds of journal styles, for no added effort. Our software does the heavy lifting so that your work can be accepted in your venue of choice, without any cost on your time - or on your wallet!

We achieve that by separating the front and main matter of the document and packaging them together as a carefully crafted digital artifact that is easy to manipulate by applications. With that foundation, we are able to easily automate all advanced typesetting requirements, as well as to easily pass them on for direct submission to publishers. Whether you are an author or publisher, Authorea’s approach to managing documents makes your life easier.

Open-sourcing our featureset for automatically styling research documents

Today, we are delighted to announce that both Authorea’s featureset for styling research documents and all export styles used at Authorea are now open-source.

We believe strongly that components of general use to the scientific community should belong to the community, and live in the open. While we want to inspire the next generation of publishing frameworks out there, we also hope to enlist authors who are excited about typesetting, to contribute new styling templates, as well as to offer corrections to our existing collection.

We are excited to offer an initial seed of over a hundred styles and to develop it further in the open with the community. Enjoy!

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